If a child is unable to tell me about themselves, I would observe their behaviour, and if necessary, see their parents separately. Homoeopathy is safe for children as there are no side effects, and can be taken alongside conventional drugs.  I might also prescribe vitamins and supplements.

To give a few examples of how it has helped, I had a young girl who had eczema, aggression and learning difficulties.  After 6 months she no longer needed extra tuition, she started helping at home, washing herself, and her eczema cured. 

Another girl with Downs Syndrome had double pneumonia and terrible bed sores.  After helping her back to health, her condition and development has greatly improved, she is capable of doing much more for herself and her vocabulary grows.

A boy with cystic fibrosis had taken antibiotics since birth. It took a year to clear up his chest, he stopped having tantrums and his energy improved.

A young boy with autism, after some years of treatment is now able to attend proper school and is doing well.

Much can also be done with allergies, especially in ADHD and I would hope that if a cure was not possible, then at least the quality of family life would be improved.