By being as healthy as possible during pregnancy you are giving your baby the ideal conditions in which to thrive. 

Homoeopathic treatment prior to conception can help you during your pregnancy.  Each month, different remedies are given to give the best nutrients for the baby’s development. Judie will also advise on diet and lifestyle to encourage a healthy pregnancy and birth.

The many physical and emotional changes of pregnancy may cause minor health problems which can be helped with homoeopathy, such as: morning sickness, piles, constipation, urinary problems, diarrhoea, heartburn, anaemia, high blood pressure, varicose veins, backache, cramps, thrush or emotional distress.


A special homoeopathic kit can be bought for this important event.  For the mother, homoeopathy can help with anxiety, fear, slow cervical dilation, mal-presentation, weak contractions, excessive bleeding and pain.  It can also be of great value in the natural healing process after birth.  For the baby, shock or anxiety after birth can be ameliorated with homoeopathic remedies to encourage the baby to thrive and bond with the mother.  Healing after a ventouse or  forceps  delivery, may also be improved.

Post Natal Care

Homoeopathy can help you with many of the events and challenges in motherhood.  Babies and children respond quickly to homoeopathic treatment and it can help with many common ailments.  Judie can also provide parents with advice on vaccination. 

See below a list of some of the typical problems that can follow birth or appear in childhood years that can be helped with homoeopathy.  Even if you can’t put your finger on anything, but you feel that your child is not progressing as he/she should, a consultation with Judie may be all that is needed to help them thrive.



Breast Feeding Difficulties








Prolapsed Womb

Relationships with baby & partner


Stretch marks

Varicose Veins

Wound healing e.g. tears, episiotomy

Babies and Children


Behavioural problems


Coughs & Colds



Feeding & stomach problems

Glue ear

Glandular problems

Hyperactivity (AD/HD)


Learning difficulties

Re-occurring illness

Sleep disorders

Slow development


Judie Coull MARH, a registered homoeopath, is experienced in the treatment of mothers and their babies both during pregnancy and childhood.